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7 Terrible Tips All Dancers Should Ignore

At the time, it was a lifesaver.  In hindsight, it was absolutely stupid.

There I was, at my first dance, looking to one of my friends for advice.

The result was something that looked, remarkably, like shadowboxing.

My date was not impressed.

There was a time, for many of us, that we looked to others in search of dance help.  Only to be left with some great gems of bad dance advice.  Take a look at these 7 Terrible Tips to ward off any negative effects going forward.


“Just Feel the Music”

Most common uses: 

“You seem so tense.  Relax.  Just feel the music.”

“I don’t need dance lessons, I just feel the music.”

Not to be confused with:

“You have put the time in.  You know your choreography up and down.  At this point, go out there and just feel the music.”


“Have Another Drink”

Most common uses:

“Don’t worry, they’re going to love our moves.  Have another drink.”

“The most important tool to improve our dancing is alcohol.  Let’s have another drink.”

Not to be confused with:

“Congratulations on passing your Bronze 2. You’ve worked hard.  Have another drink.”



“Stand and Twirl Her”

Most common uses:

“What do you mean you don’t know how to dance?!  Just stand and twirl her!”

“If you really want to know the secret to getting all the ladies to love you on the dance floor, just stand and twirl her.”

Not to be confused with:

“Anyone can just stand and twirl her.  But you can can actaully dance with her.”


strong lead

“With a strong enough lead, I can follow anyone”

Most common uses:

“Oh, I don’t need dance lessons.  With a strong enough lead, I can follow anyone.”

Not to be confused with:

Actually learning to follow. 

copy me

“Just copy me”

Most common uses:

“Don’t worry about the moves, just copy me.”

“If you need a move or two, just copy me.”

Not to be confused with:

“You know the formation, but if you get in trouble, just copy me.”


 “Try that move you saw on TV”

Most common uses:

“If you really need help out there, just try that move you saw on TV.”

“These basics are boring.  Can you try that move you saw on TV?”

Not to be confused with:

“You could try that move you saw on TV, but, for now, let’s use material that matches your dance level.”




“Work on your facial expressions”

Most common uses:

“Pretty good moves.  Now you just need to work on your facial expressions.”

“When in doubt, work on your facial expressions.  That let’s them know you mean business.”

Not to be confused with:

“We can work on your facial expressions, or we can work on your dancing… it’s up to you.”

bonus point


Terrible Tips happen every day. They begin as well-intentioned pointers, usually from fellow amateurs.  The most lethal tip, however, you may receive will come from a non-dancer.

It will be delivered as a form of love, wrapped in concern, and will “address” your dance hobby.  There will be no mention of the joy it has brought you, the fun that you’ve had, or the community who has embraced you.

No tip can be more terrible than the one that tries to pull you off the dance floor.  So, with a big smile, thank them… and ignore it.


Happy Dancing!

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