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Showcase Advice From the Arthur Murray Champs


If you haven’t heard, Emmanuel Pierre Antoine and Liana Churliova are United States, and Arthur Murray American Rhythm Champions.  In addition to their dance expertise, they are also highly sought after Arthur Murray traveling consultants.

And they’d like to offer you some advice.

The week before a big dance event can be stressful, but not if you have a great game plan.  So Emmanuel and Liana both shared some ideas for how to approach the time leading up to this big showcase.


5 District Showcase Tips From Emmanuel


  1. I would advise, depending on each level, to have a different focus.
  2. If you are a Newcomer, you should trust your teacher 100%, do not panic, and let him lead you.
  3. You may be a bronze level student, and if so, you should focus on the music, and enjoying counting your steps.
  4. If you are Silver, you should focus on posture and the mechanics of your steps.
  5. Overall, I would recommend that everyone’s dancing should generate joy.  No matter what, or the level, to focus on having fun – and take all the stress out.


5 District Showcase Tips From Liana 


  1.  Preparation.  It begins with clarity.  Have a clear picture of what you want – grooming, dance costumes, and shoes in advance.
  2. Focus.  Centering your attention.  Just like Emmanuel said, depending on each level – it could be timing, posture, frame, arm styling, leg action, or foot placement.”
  3. Master your Emotions.  We never know how we will feel on the day of the performance.  Be able to relax under the pressure and perform under any conditions.  Adapt to the situation.
  4. Be Confident.  Confidence comes with practicing and believing in yourself.
  5. Love what you do! Enjoy and have fun.

Fun, Focused, and Ready For Anything


One thing is absolutely certain – when you watch Emmanuel and Liana perform on Saturday night, you’ll see everything they are recommending on display.  These aren’t merely tips for newcomers, but these are tips for all level dancers.  If you’ve heard or seen anything from the District Showcase, our number one goal is to eliminate the nerves you might feel dancing in public.



We call that Showcase Confidence.


Using these fantastic tips, by these two fantastic people, will only add to that confidence, reduce the anxiety, and put everything into perspective.  Like Liana said,  “Love what you do. Enjoy and have fun.”






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