The Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Charlotte, North Carolina began operation on April 12, 1956.  We have been helping people to dance in Charlotte for 66 years.

As the Oldest and Most Prestigious ballroom and social dance studios in the metro Charlotte region we have perfected teaching anyone just how Fast, Fun and Easy Learning to dance the “Arthur Murray Way” will be.

Our professional instructors provide top notch personal and group instruction in all types of ballroom dancing along with great customer support a combination that can’t be beat!  Millions of men and women have learned to dance in the Arthur Murray Dance Studios.  Mr. Murray spent many years perfecting the method that enables you to learn quickly and easily.

Dancing is much more than just moving your feet to the music.  Dancing puts you close, or heart to heart with someone special.  You’ll learn to move together as one with your partner.  Children and teens, middle age, even seniors are dancing.  They’re feeling better, happier and finding their way to greater popularity.  With very little effort you too can become a beautiful dancer and gain for yourself the increased satisfaction and popularity that the good dancer enjoys.