Chason has performed in numerous shows and theater productions and as a result has experience in various forms of dance ranging from jazz to tap and even to polka. A desire to broaden his dance knowledge is what led him to the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Charlotte.

As a student himself, Chason has experienced the confidence, fun and social ease gained from learning how to dance through the Arthur Murray Method. Seeing the extraordinary benefits of dance is what inspires him.

Since becoming a Certified Instructor, Chason has competed in several competitions throughout the U.S.A. both professionally and with students. He has also been recognized and awarded as a top instructor in the “Tournament of Champions”.

Chason has received teaching and dancing training from many world-renowned coaches and dance champions within Arthur Murray including Vicki Venka, John Clark, Lynn Sevick and Kim Carrol.

Chason is proud to be a part of the Arthur Murray Family where so many students learn to become more confident in themselves, become more fit and have more fun wherever they go while still achieving dance excellence.

To see people change and grow and to help others discover the amazing World of Dance is what continues to fuel Chason’s passion for teaching.

Chason Blocker can be contacted at [email protected]