The Stages of Learning


    The student is introduced to the skill or step.


    The student has an increased awareness, but feels awkward and frequently experiences difficulty.


    The student is able to do the skill or step more effectively and easily; however, even though the task may look good, it must still be thought through when performed.


    This skill or step is done with ease and is spontaneous, comfortable and creative. This level is reached only after a period of time in which the student has continued to use and practice the skill. Every time you learn something new, your body will always go through the Stages of Learning. It is natural for you to progress through these stages.

The Latest Technique, Steps & Styles

The Arthur Murray Franchised Studios have found that students learn most quickly and effectively on a scholastic basis. Your Introductory Program is the first student level. You will be taught the foundation patterns of the most popular dances today. Your instructor will explain how the Medal Standards are taught and will plan a personalized dance program to fulfill your specific needs and desires.

how_students_are_taughtThe degree of dancing you will achieve varies depending on your desire, goals, commitment, and interest. After your Introductory Program, the dance levels (degrees) progress from Associate and Full Medalist programs in Bronze, Silver, and Gold Standards. These courses are designed for people like yourself who desire a fundamental foundation or more advanced training in the social, as well as competitive (dance sport) styles.

The majority of students who come to an Arthur Murray Dance Studio are interested in becoming good social dancers and our Medalist programs will help you achieve that goal. If competitive dancing (dance sport) is your desire, Arthur Murray Dance Studios can train you in the latest technique, steps and styles. Indeed, we boast some of the top competitive couples in the world today.

Our instructors are carefully selected and thoroughly trained in the exclusive Arthur Murray teaching method. This assures you the finest instruction in dancing. You will have a regular dance teacher who will be responsible for your progress. Periodically, you will have exchange lessons with other teachers which will give you experience and practice in adapting to a variety of dance partners and dance styles.

Private Lessons

During your one-on-one private lessons, you will receive personalized instruction that will help you achieve your goals in dancing. Your instructor will spend the time necessary on technique, styling, and general dance improvement. An up-to-date record of everything you have learned will also be kept as part of your instruction.

Group Lessons

Group Lessons are an important addendum to your private instruction. They give you the opportunity to dance with a variety of partners, develop good dance habits, and meet other students in the studio.

In Group Lessons we emphasize technique, style, and variation of patterns. You may be taught material that your regular instructor hasn’t introduced to you yet. Additionally, material that has been introduced will be reviewed and practiced for improvement.

Group lessons at Arthur Murray are unique in that we try to limit the size of each class to 4 to 8 students so that each class provides a smaller more comfortable learning environment.

Practice Sessions (Parties)

We hold scheduled dance parties (practice sessions) for all our students. These practice parties are held on a weekly or semi-monthly basis. You will have fun dancing with the instructors and students in a relaxed and comfortable environment. This gives you the opportunity to practice and try out all the new dance skills that you’ve learned in your Private and Group Lessons.